What is Velotooler White Glove Delivery?

Bam Power Bikes is excited to partner with Velotooler to offer you White Glove Delivery of your new bicycle.  Velotooler is a network of over 150 pre-vetted professional mobile bicycle service providers and bike shops that come to you at your home or office.

At checkout you will have the option of adding this service and if you do, your bike will be shipped to your local service provider, who will professionally assemble your bike and deliver to you.  Once on-site your mechanic will provide a light fitting, adjusting the bike to you and providing basic instructions on usage.

Velotooler ensures that your bicycle is safe and ready to ride.   Also, we create a bicycle profile for your new bike.  This is like a CarFax for your bicycle.  It contains information on all the components on your bicycle, pictures and your repair history.


How do I request Velotooler White Glove Delivery?

If we have coverage in your area, you will have the option of choosing “Velotooler White Glove Delivery” as your shipping option at check-out.  If you don’t see this option, then we don’t yet have service coverage in your area.  We have coverage in 32 states and approximately 20% of all residential zip codes in the contiguous United States and we are working hard to expand this coverage.


What should I expect once I do choose the Velotooler White Glove Delivery option?

After your purchase you will be sent an email with an invitation to log in to Velotooler.  Upon log in, you will see that you are now the new owner of the Bam Power Bike that you purchased.

Also, a tentative service request for bicycle assembly has been scheduled for the typical bicycle shipping time plus two days.  You can make a request to change this day and time if it isn’t convenient for you.  You can also chat with the mechanic that has been assigned to work on your bike right through the system.

Any day/time request change needs to be confirmed by the mechanic and any change the mechanic makes needs to be confirmed by you.

On the scheduled day/time you mechanic will delivery your new bicycle fully assembled and will provide basic adjustments, sizing and instructions to ensure you are happy and ready to ride!


Can I schedule follow-up services like tune-ups through Velotooler?

Absolutely and we hope you do.  It is likely that the same mechanic that assembled your bike will perform these services.   

Although if you have an issue that is covered by your warranty, please contact Bam Power Bikes directly at (888) 900-0057 or by emailing  If they feel that it is appropriate, they will contact Velotooler to facilitate resolving the issue.


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