"The bike is perfect. It has great acceleration and is capable of maintaining top speed on a full battery. The fat tires make the ride smooth and I have no issues on loose gravel. Gives a nice boost on a difficult hill or even on a spot that would cause a tough start. I am up to max speed in no time. The digital display is very nice and easy to read. After releasing the throttle the bike continues to roll very nice. Good thing it has good brakes on it. Employees are easy to work with and the installation was not a problem. Love the bike. "


I am 71 my wife is 69. I am a Vietnam Veteran and recent cancer survivor. I can now start exercising again after all my treatments, and these bikes are awesome. I can go up hills effortlessly but can also get as much of a work out as I want, with 5 levels of assist, or not pedal at all if I wear out. High quality machines with some really nice touches. Would recommend to anybody of any age. Service response id unbeatable. Love the bikes, Nomad for me and Step Thru for my wife.


"Our brand new BAM Power Bikes, tested out, and ready for our first adventure. Assembly was even easier than in the videos. I can finally ride with my wife without getting "the look." She says she loves loves hills and wind now. Looking forward to our first 20 mile trip as soon as it warms up!"


"Had my new Nomad for a week now, and I’m very happy with the purchase. I really like the quality of the various components; shifter, frame, wheels and overall assembly. I love the stability of the larger tires along with the battery assist capability which both give me more options on where and how far I can go. I was concerned about buying this large and expensive of an item online, but the experience was friction free! BAM has great customer service, fast shipping in high quality packaging made for an issue free purchase. 47 Miles on the bike, so far, no complaints!"


"I never turned this many heads in my life LOL.  I love my BAM Power E-Bike. It’s the perfect ride for California. Since I live at the beach and I don’t have a garage, the Bam Folding E-Bike was the right choice because the salt air can really damage metal very quickly. 

It folds up so easy and can be stored inside my front door on the landing.  And the way it’s designed you can easily roll it inside instead of having to carry a heavy bike in order to move it. 

Outside it can reach top speeds of about 20 mph, which is great but can also are set to top out at 5mph in bumper to bumper or heavy boardwalk traffic.

You can choose between pedal assist or throttle mode. Throttle is perfect because you can really regulate the speed. The pedal assist helps me when my joints are really bothering me, if I have to get somewhere fast or further than I’m interested in going on a bike or if I don’t want to drive.

People stop me all the time and tell me the bike is super rad ical, sexy, and muscular. I drive it on the boardwalk, or on the street and I can easily maneuver in sand or turf and the big wheels give me a ton of control and safety.  

I’ve ridden it about 40 miles and its still charged at about 80 percent. The charger has a cord long enough that I can leave the batter pack on the bike to charge it. 

I recommend getting Kryptonite bike lock to protect your investment because everyone want’s this e-bike!!!!"


"Bike is fantastic! Smooth as can be and fast."


"When I got my BAM Bike, I jumped on and took off right away with ease! It’s so easy to handle, ride and maneuver!"