Bam Power Bikes are made by JHR Electric Transports, the company behind the most popular mobility products in the world – EWheels. Since 2009 we have been the leader in developing and manufacturing electric power vehicles in America. Our core objective is to build products that offer cost effective, emissions-free alternatives to other forms of transportation for commuting, sport, and recreation. Our goal is to make sure all of our customers walk away knowing they have just purchased a product that gives them ALL of the benefits they are looking for.  

We are headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Since we have every kind of weather condition here in Arizona, we know how best to build durable power bikes. Although Arizona is typically known for the scorching heat and dry conditions (along with the muggy monsoon season with flash thunderstorms), we are also home to some of the most rugged terrain, as well as the demands of big city conditions. In addition to the heat and dry conditions of the Valley of the Sun, Arizona also has the Grand Canyon cities that host winter conditions as snowy and icy as you would find anywhere in North America. At elevations exceeding 8,000 feet above sea level, Northern Arizona has beautiful and rugged alpine and forest conditions as well as sandy shores along the plentiful lakes and rivers.


Every product we build is manufactured with highest quality components and built by highly skilled qualified labor. Combined our factories produce over a MILLION electric products each year. Our products are built to last!

Find out why we are the number one builder of power vehicles in America.


Out of the box, Bam Powerbikes and Scooters out-perform the competition! Superior acceleration, torque and handling characteristics are inherent in the design of all our vehicles when compared to other electric powered vehicles at a comparable price.