E-Bikes Hit The Market With A Bam!

PHOENIX, Ariz (March 25, 2019)—E-Wheels Dealers, the number one distributor of mobility products has entered the lucrative e-bike market with a new company, Bam Power Bikes (bampowerbikes.com) and has already taken the dominant position online. 

The global electric bikes market size is expected to reach 26 billion by 2026 according to a report issued by Polaris Market Research. The report shows strong growth based largely on additional power being available over previous e-bike model years with new e-bikes traveling at longer distances, better speeds and the ability to carry limited cargo coupled with lower operating costs than compared to other transportation modes. 

The growth in the market, according to some could also be attributed to the popularity of stand up scooters that have dominated cities across the country in the last nine months. Especially in beach and/or desert climates where weather allows for an increase in ridership, many think of these scooters as the “gateway drug,” to becoming addicted to electric transportation but in the safer, more comfortable bike format. 

Bam Power Bikes are made by JHR Electric Transports, the company behind the most popular mobility products in the world – EWheels. Since 2004 EWheels has been the leader in developing, assembling and distributing electric power vehicles in America. The company’s core objective is to build products that offer cost-effective, emissions-free alternatives to other forms of transportation for commuting, sport, and recreation. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the team behind Bam Power Bikes understands how to build durable power bikes. Combined, EWheels factories produce over a million electric products each year.  Out of the box, Bam Power Bikes and Scooters out-perform the competition for price, acceleration, torque and handling characteristics as well as the most sought after features at a comparable price.  All E-Bikes retail for $1299 on the retailers website, with many popular features being standard such as multi-modal toggling, headlamps, LCD command center displays and soon, both rims and cargo containers will be standard on all models. Each bike carries a five-year limited warranty the best the marketplace has to offer. A folding bike is also offered, that conveniently folds to half it’s size and easily rolls into storage without having to be lifted. 

Every one of the bikes is suited for many environments, from riding off road to the hazards of urban commutes. Variable speeds can be reached using either pedal assist or throttle control, making the bike ideal in bumper-to-bumper traffic or when setting a maximum lower speed is important (like weaving between wandering pedestrians on the boardwalk at the beach)

Global brand manager, Andi Barness said: “Sales are strong out of the gate, reaching five digits in the first week and our phones are ringing all day long.” 

Since launching the online store last week, more than 20,000 people have visited the website which is seeing a 7% conversion rate online. “We have an even better conversion rate for people who call our toll free number, roughly 25% convert into a sale, said Barness.”

According to Shopify, the platform on which the website lives, bampowerbikes.com is in the top 4% of stores that launched the same week. There are currently more than 500,000 active stores running on Shopify.

“It’s interesting”, Barness said, citing the fact that EWheels was selling e-bikes back in 2006 but back then the market was soft. “We’ve seen an explosion in people interested in e-bikes in the last 24 months,” she said commenting that industry trade shows have been promising a huge wave of consumer interest in these products.  “Our early success seems to point to that as a reality,” said Barness.

For media that wish to take a test drive and/or to review one of the Bam Power Bikes, please visit www.bampowerbikes.com or call Andi Barness at (888) 500-0048. For general inquiries you can use the chat function on the website or call the toll free number above.